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Childrens Church
In Proverbs 22:6, The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” We believe our goal is to prepare each child to know God, so they will respond to him in a positive way. We want each child to become a life-long worshiper of Christ. By presenting the Word of God on each child’s level in an exciting way, and by sharing Jesus with them through weekly services and activities our children can grow from a personal decision for Christ to a lifetime of service for Him. May this generation of children grow to say ‘I have never known anything but living for the Lord.” Not only do we want our children to live for the Lord, we want them to be used by the Lord even as children. By involving them in service to others through ministries they enjoy, children see that Jesus uses kids, encouraging them to know that they are important to Christ. We truly want our kids to be: Fulfilling Their Purpose, Embracing Their Destiny.
Commitment to Children
Children are a gift from God and should be handles with love and care. They are important in the Kingdom of God and Christ died to redeem children from their sin. Christ has called children to follow Him and they can be equipped to serve Christ and others.

Children deserve a safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning environment that is free of fear, pressure to “grow up”, or prejudice.

God has appointed parents as the primary religious instructors of their children and the church’s role is to assist in the cooperative efforts of that task.

Successful ministry is the shared responsibility of children, ministry, staff, volunteers, parents, and the church body.

Ministry should be creative, innovative and in touch with the children and families of our community.

Effective teachers are the most important component of our ministry. Relational Ministry is best served with adults who serve as positive role models to the children.
Our Children's program begins with an exciting celebration of Praise & Worship geared to capture the child's attention, followed by an opening prayer by one our Children's worker. We then give the kids an opportunity to worship through giving with their tithes and offerings. The most important part of the program is the bible lesson. Our bible lessons are communicated to the children in a fun, creative way that they can understand and apply to their lives. The program ends with a closing wrap-up prayer by a children’s church worker.