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Youth Ministry
We participate in many retreats through out the year. We believe these are great opportunities for students to get away from their normal environment for a short time and to really focus on building strong relationships with each other and with God. Some retreats we've been on include BattleCry, Fine Arts Retreats, Six Flags, Tuscarora Winter Retreat and more!
We don’t believe in a ministry that is confined within the four walls of the church. God commanded us to “go” and make disciples. Our goal is to leave a lasting impact on our community by showing them Jesus. We hold many outreach events through out the year such as Rock The Block, Super Saturday Kids Crusade, Harvest Party, Food Give-aways, Youth Explosions, Concerts, and more.
House Parties
Our mission it to Make New and Make Great followers of Christ. This portion of our ministry focuses on “making great” through the small group setting. This is a time for relationships to grow with each other and with Christ as we discuss the word of God and real life issues.
Our students love to express their passion and zeal for God through the arts. Whether it’s dancing, singing, playing instruments, or drama there is place for everyone. We participate in sectional and regional fine-arts competitions which all lead up to a national fine-arts competition.